For a company that treats its workforce as its greatest asset, SUBICWATER enjoys the benefits of a highly-motivated workforce— one that has developed a deep sense of respect and genuine concern to the company. By constantly guiding them towards growth and development on both professional and personal aspects, SUBICWATER commands a loyal following from its workers, who take pride in wearing the company emblem.

The SUBICWATER organization, bounded by ties akin to a family, is seen as a strong positive force in the community, championing the cause of environmental protection and preservation.

Marching as one, and guided by the company’s mission and vision, the whole workforce will stop at nothing to always bring the company ahead of the race— to be the benchmark of excellence— in the country’s water and sewerage industry.

Our Mission

We are committed to continually exceed our customers’ expectations through our quality water and services. We shall perpetually protect the environment in all aspects of our operations.

We shall enhance, promote and live out our core values, and create a healthy and safe working environment conducive to our growth and development.

In pursuit of these commitments and in full compliance with applicable legal and other requirements, we shall become a benchmark of excellence in the industry.

Our Vision

Beyond Quality Water and Services, A Benchmark of Excellence.

Our Core Values

All-Out Service
Model of Excellence
Spirit of Teamwork

Our Facilities