CUSTOMER REMINDER: Illegal Connections May Lead to Health Risks

Illegal water connections must be immediately reported to prevent any potential health risks and distribution losses. 

A news report last March 8 by Rappler highlighted the importance of preventing illegal water connections in any distribution system and the potential health risks this may bring.

The incident, which happened in a community called Jaovil in Angeles City, involved 250 illegal water lines that were found to have been connected to 27 mainlines. Due to the subpar quality of the illegal connections, some lines had holes and/ or were located under drainages. This brought about the risk of contaminating the water being distributed in the area which eventually led to the contamination of water in 1,000 households.

While we consistently carry out efforts to find and negate illegal connections, there are some cases in which such lines are more difficult to accurately determine and cut. Customers, however, are highly encouraged to report suspected illegal connections to SUBICWATER, so that we may conduct the necessary investigative protocol.

In addition to ensuring the prevention of any water-borne health risks, water losses from the leaks due to the illegal connections will be effectively abated, thus addressing two very important concerns during the summer season.

If you would like to report illegal connections or suspect any illegal connections in your area, you may get in touch with us through our Facebook Messenger account:

Read more about the Rappler article here:

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