SUBICWATER Prepares Early for Summer Months

A major part of the discussion between SUBICWATER and Morong Power and Water Corporation was preparing for the upcoming summer months.
Yesterday, SUBICWATER CEO Benjamin Antonio, III led a meeting with Morong Power and Water Corporation’s team, headed by Mr. Jess Sibal, to plan for the coming dry months. As early as last year, SUBICWATER had already enacted measures and begun making preparations, such as coordinating with Morong, to minimize the impact of the ongoing El Nino that already wreaked havoc in parts of the country in 2023.
“One of the most important factors that we always have to consider is the management of our supply and distribution, which is why we want to ensure that the Morong bulk water will be able to address any deficits that we may encounter, especially during the peak of summer,” emphasized Antonio during the meeting.
Morong Power’s Sibal, meanwhile, assured that there is ample supply, barring any major impediments that will impact the conveyance of water from their facility to SUBICWATER. While only a minimum amount is currently being sourced by SUBICWATER from Morong, the bulk water adds a buffer to ensure no or minimal decrease in pressure and supply is felt in our service areas during the peak of summer- when all other existing raw water sources are critically diminished and fully utilized.
The SUBICWATER Team visiting the Morong Water Treatment Plant.
The following day, heads and personnel of SUBICWATER’s Water Treatment Operations and Distribution teams also took the time to visit the MPWC Water Treatment Plant in Morong, Bataan to ensure its readiness and familiarize themselves with the facility’s operational capabilities.

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