Restaurant owners urged to clean grease traps regularly

In Subic Bay Freeport, those in the food service industry are required to have grease traps, which are plumbing devices designed to intercept animal fats and vegetable oils from the kitchen before they enter a wastewater disposal system.

Grease solidifies under normal temperature. Other solid particles such as hair, food scraps, and dirt get trapped in this sticky mess, which eventually leads to blockages in sewer lines or septic tanks.

Proper maintenance of grease traps is therefore recommended to prevent untreated wastewater from overflowing inside business premises, or outside, from sewer manholes.

Fortunately, SUBICWATER also offers grease trap siphoning services so that customers do not have to get their hands dirty. A quick visit at the SUBICWATER main office in the Freeport is all that is needed to come up with a maintenance schedule that fits the customers’ specific requirements.

Minimum service charge for this service is P1,000 for one cubic meter of that oily waste.

Aside from grease trap cleaning, SUBICWATER also offers affordable septic tank cleaning at P2,500 per truckload only.

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