The Executive Office










Benjamin E. Antonio, III

Chief Executive Officer and General Manager

  • Former SBMA Board Director
  • Developmental Environmentalist
  • Wellness Advocate and Entrepreneur
  • Built his career in Education, Management Systems and Information Technology
  • Multi-Sectoral Consultant on Business Management, Quality & Process Engineering, and Information Security & Risk Management
  • BS Science Cum Laude Graduate
  • Master of Business Administration

Top Management Team

Rolando G. Decena

Operations Head, Commercial Division Head

Marilyn M. Baluyot

Finance Head


Engr. Ma. Teresa S. MaraƱon

Engineering and Construction Division Head, Non-Revenue Water Head

Atty. Ritzie Stelette C. Merelos

Strategic Initiatives Division Head

Engr. Mariquit C. Sunga

Water Supply Operations Division Head


Marissa P. Vicente

Wastewater Operations Division Head, Corporate Management Services Division Head

Thelma M. Villanuveva

Integrated Technical Services Division Head