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Job Openings

Water Distribution and Pressure Management Specialist

  • - Graduate of any 4 year technical related course
  • - Preferably with previous training in operation and maintenance of pumps and motors
  • - Preferably with 1 year work experience in operations of reservoir, pumps and motors
  • - Preferably knows how to drive and with valid driver's license
  • - Monitors and analyzes variation drop/gain of assigned distribution reservoir/s and/or metered distribution mains and informs concerned head and/or personnel of any significant observation and necessary action
  • - Regulates pump speed, valve opening and PRV setting in accordance to the demand or water supply available for distribution
  • - Performs regular maintenance of all equipment necessary to support distribution activities being undertaken
  • - Assists concerned personnel in carrying out manual jobs related to maintenance/ repair of machineries to minimize operational downtime
  • - Checks, records and reports any irregularities in the assigned area of responsibility to immediate superior for necessary action

Non-Revenue Water Operations Specialist

  • - Graduate of Civil Engineering
  • - Preferably with previous training in leak detection and pipe repair works
  • - Preferably knows how to drive
  • - Attends to job orders pertaining to pipeline leaks, buried meter-related, manifold leaks and service line leak
  • - Inspects possible illegal connections and abandons identified old lines
  • - Provide assistance in the flushing of mainline and other necessary activities in the restoration of water supply after leak repair activities
  • - Conducts leak repair works
  • - Performs minor pipe replacement works
  • - Coordinates job orders to contractors or concerned NRW Operations Specialist for necessary action
  • - Encodes all reported and accomplished leaks, and accomplished restoration works

Sewerage Operations and Maintenance Specialist

  • - Graduate of Civil/Sanitary/Electrical Engineering
  • - Preferably with previous training in sewage treatment, plant operations and maintenance
  • - Preferably knows how to drive and with valid driver’s license
  • - Monitors liquid chlorine tank level
  • - Measures effluent flow rates and sludge depth
  • - Monitors water, power and chemical consumption and adopts alternative means to reduce cost
  • - Oversees preventive maintenance of treatment plants’ pumps, chlorinators, engines, motors and chemical dosing pumps, and other machinery

Heavy Equipment Mechanic Specialist

  • - Diploma or associate degree in mechanics or related field
  • - Knows how to drive and with driver’s restriction from 1-3
  • - Oversee the repair process for mechanical equipment
  • - Perform minor repairs on hydraulic and electrical systems
  • - Follow manufacturer’s directions for basic repair and maintenance
  • - Inspect, clean, and lubricate equipment
  • - Keep detailed maintenance records
  • - Provide preventative maintenance, repairs, and service on heavy construction equipment
  • - Knowledge of equipment repair and maintenance; electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical systems; mechanical systems troubleshooting

Automotive Mechanic Specialist

  • - Diploma or associate degree in mechanics or related field
  • - Knows how to drive and with valid driver’s license
  • - Automotive training or equivalent experience
  • - Perform diagnosis, maintenance and repair on company vehicles
  • - Inspect, test and analyze company vehicles for basic automotive functions
  • - Performed routine testing and maintenance service and analyzed systems to ensure optimal function,
  • - Provide detailed estimates for repairs
  • - Performing basic automotive care, including changing oil and rotating tires
  • - Repairing or replacing worn, old or defective parts of a car

For interested applicants, please send your letter of application and resume to the email address below.

Applications will be received as long as the job notices above are online.


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