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Job Openings

Head, Corporate and Financial Planning

  • Must be a Certified Public Accountant
  • With at least 2-3 years of relevant experience with financial planning and budgeting
  • Proficient in the use of all relevant computer programs (e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel, PPT, etc.)
  • With communication and presentation skills
  • Preferably knows how to drive
  • Reviews, analyses and interprets financial and operational data in order to generate and submit reports as required (monthly narrative report to the Board, and level of quality service report to the Regulators, to the City Hall)
  • Monitors the operating plans and performance of all departments and recommends actions as needed
  • Liaises with various departments in the preparation of annual budgets, quarterly forecasts and compares these against actual expenditures
  • Performs other related duties as assigned

Water Distribution and Pressure Management Specialist

  • Graduate of any 4 year technical related course
  • Preferably with previous training in operation and maintenance of pumps and motors
  • Preferably with 1 year work experience in operating reservoirs, pumps and motors
  • Preferably knows how to drive, and with valid driver's license
  • Monitors and analyzes variation drop/gain of assigned distribution reservoir/s and/or metered distribution mains and informs concerned head and/or personnel of any significant observations and necessary actions
  • Regulates pump speed, valve opening and PRV setting in accordance with the demand or water supply available for distribution
  • Performs regular maintenance of all equipment necessary to support distribution activities being undertaken
  • Assists concerned personnel in carrying out manual jobs related to maintenance/ repair of machineries to minimize operational downtime
  • Checks, records and reports any irregularities in the assigned area of responsibility to the immediate superior for necessary action

Process Shift Engineer

  • Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
  • Must be a Licensed Chemical Engineer
  • Preferably with previous training in standard water treatment methods and practices
  • Oversees the operation of the water treatment plant during shifts by periodically checking the operating conditions of the pumps, chlorinators, scraper, mixer and stirrer and feeder pumps
  • Collects and analyses water samples to determine whether in-process and clearwell water conform to target treatment parameters such as pH, residual chlorine and turbidity
  • Makes necessary adjustments to the chlorine dose based on test results
  • Determines the optimum dosing of chemical to be used in water treatment thru jar test
  • Monitors and records loading of chemicals/replacement of chlorine cylinder when emptied
  • Calibrates selected laboratory equipment to ensure accurate and reliable test results

Plant Operations Specialist

  • Graduate of any 4 year course
  • Preferably with previous training in water treatment plant and pump operations
  • With minimum of one (1) year experience in operation of water treatment plants and pumps
  • Periodically checks and records raw water flowrate, water level and flow in the mixing tank
  • Performs minor troubleshooting to ensure efficient plant operations
  • Monitors and records discharge line pressures and reservoir levels, and coordinates with concerned personnel
  • Analyses the running condition of clearwell pumps in order to ensure that required water levels are always maintained
  • Responsible for the compliance and continuous practice of all existing environmental and occupational health and safety laws, rules and regulations, policies and guidelines in the performance of his/ her duties

Process Engineer

  • Licensed Mechanical Engineer
  • Preferably with previous training in sewage treatment plant operations and maintenance
  • Oversees the operation of the wastewater treatment plant during shifts by periodically checking the operating conditions of the transfer pumps, blowers, and chlorine feeder pumps
  • Makes necessary adjustment to the chlorine dose based on test result
  • Research alternative chemicals/new technologies to be used for effective treatment and efficient plant operations
  • Ensures that influent sewage from ships comes from domestic waste only by performing visual inspection before the sewage is discharged into the lift station.
  • Performs Inventory on all chemical reagents and materials to be used in the analysis and provide updates to the Department Head to ensure sufficient supply

Field Services Specialist

  • Graduate of any four year course
  • Preferably with previous training in pipefitting and plumbing
  • Preferably minimum of one year experience in pipefitting and plumbing works
  • Analyses and evaluates job orders as to its nature and complexity for proper action
  • Conducts thorough inspection of accounts for new service line application and customer complaints
  • Performs special disconnection of accounts
  • Reports leak and initiates the preparation of work requests for stuck up, defective, or buried meters found during inspection
  • Delivers water bills, whenever necessary, and other relevant documents such as letters, notices to customers
  • Promotes and markets SUBICWATER services by acquiring new connections and/or reactivation of inactive accounts

Program Developer

  • Graduate of Information Technology / Computer Science
  • Knowledgeable in coding and testing programming for software and mobile apps
  • Develops and deploys computer applications
  • Executes code builds to test, and production environments
  • Fixes bugs in existing code


  • Open for Civil Engineering Students

For interested applicants, please send your letter of application and resume to the email address below.

Applications will be received as long as the job notices above are online.


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