The SUBICWATER logo features a water droplet and a leaf in a ‘yin-yang’ formation to signify the inseparable link and the endless cycle between water and nature. The design was conceptualized when its creator was sitting by a river one day under a shade of trees. A particular leaf then caught his attention as it detached from a tree branch. Gently swaying to and fro, it briefly defied gravity before finally landing on the water, creating ripples as it did so.

From this scene came the reminder that indeed, water and flora are eternally linked. Wherever there is water, there will be trees and vegetation. When flora begins to thrive, a natural water catchment and distribution system appears, upon which living things depend on for their species to prosper.

SUBICWATER considers it an honor to be a co-worker of nature, taking part in the noble mandate of sustaining Life in this part of the planet. The company may employ the latest technologies available in the water and sewerage services industry, but if the skies come up dry or should the watersheds be destroyed, these cutting-edge, man-made contraptions will be as good as nothing.

This utmost respect that the company has for nature forms the very core of the SUBICWATER logo, an emblem that we, SUBICWATER personnel, are proud to wear. More than just a badge, the SUBICWATER logo serves as a constant reminder of the critical partnership that we have with Mother Nature in producing safe, reliable, and affordable water for our customers.