HONEST WORKER: SUBICWATER contractor Emil Garcia (right) turns over the wallet he found this morning to an admin staff of SUBICWATER.

The wallet, which was found lying near the NSD compound in Subic Bay Freeport, contains a considerable amount of money, an ATM card, company ID, and other personal effects of one Jaylor Eliot, who apparently works for AGX Logistics Group that is based in Clark Freeport.

SUBICWATER personnel are now trying to contact Eliot, according to Leo Guinto, the SUBICWATER head in charge of new service connections.

Guinto is all praises for this good deed of Garcia, who works for Tim-J Engineering Services.

“He is really a dependable worker in the field– he gets the job done quick and his workmanship is excellent. Now, this situation has shown that Emil is not only an industrious worker, but an honest one at that,” Guinto said.

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