SUBICWATER adds micro-filtration facility in New Cabalan well


SUCCESS: After a series of trial runs, SUBICWATER CEO Benjamin “Bubong” Antonio III (left) and Water Supply Operations Head Jaime Garcia (center) finally open the New Cabalan Deep Well valves to bring an additional 400,000 liters of treated ground water to this barangay daily.

Water from this facility previously has a significant concentration of minerals that react with disinfectants, resulting to a slight discoloration and an aftertaste.

This problem was solved by the addition of a micro-filtration facility, which brought the troublesome minerals to desirable levels.

SUBICWATER today has started distributing treated water from this facility to Purok-7, which includes streets Jupiter, Pluto, Apollo, Moon, Venus, Sun, Saturn, and Mercury.

Also, the company has began filling up the Amelia Heights reservoir with water from the New Cabalan Deep Well.

The community will finally have potable water as their previous water supply, coming from a different deep well, was only fit for bathing, laundry, and for other household chores.

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