SUBICWATER rolls out new InfoTxt Hotline

The company will soon deactivate its two old SMS hotlines in favor of one easy-to-remember mobile number: 0929-1111-444.

“This is our new, 24/7 InfoTxt Hotline. If you need help with any water-related concern, text HELP to this number so you can receive the complete list of keywords and features that our text hotline offers,” said the company’s communication head, Hernan Habacon.

Habacon urges SUBICWATER customers to save this new text hotline as messages sent through this medium are instantly forwarded to all the company’s department and division heads.

“Of course, people can send their feedback by calling our telephone numbers during office hours, or posting messages through our website and official facebook account. Those messages, however, will take time to be processed, unlike in the InfoTxt Hotline where the message is sent directly and instantly to the concerned personnel,” he explained.


SMS Advisories

Aside from sending reports, complaints, and bill inquiries, the new InfoTxt Hotline will soon have a registration feature that enables customers to enroll their mobile numbers in our database and so receive timely water advisories,” Habacon announced.

“We have a text blast system already in place, but we need the updated list of our customers’ mobile numbers. We are now developing an online facility for our customers so they can provide their updated contact information,” he said.

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